“Life is Nothing if You’re Not Obsessed”

“Wait, wait, wait. So you’ve never seen any of his movies? Not even Cry Baby? “

It is the fall of 2010, and I have just finished reading Role Models, John Waters’s literary tribute to those who have inspired him. This book was the first of Waters’s work that I have ever consumed, a fact that WORN’s Editor-in-Pants Serah-Marie can’t believe.

“Oh God, don’t tell me you’ve watched that Zac Efron remake of Hairspray without seeing the original. Do you even care about our friendship?”

I am quick to defend myself. I just haven’t had the chance to watch any of his stuff. Pink Flamingos isn’t exactly available at the neighbourhood Blockbuster. Besides, I’ve seen the Simpsons episode where he guest stars like, seventeen times. (“It’s camp! The tragically ludicrous? The ludicrously tragic?” “Oh, yeah. Like when a clown dies.”)

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