Avyn Wornette

It was not more than a few months ago that I graduated from a high school located in a quaint village in south western Ontario. Growing up in that charming village I spent most of my time at my mother’s dance studio dancing, bicycling and making outfits to disgruntle the ancient demographic. I suppose it is these experiences and a summer in New York that now have me set on studying fashion design. However, before next fall when I settle in to the world of post secondary education , I intend to get some good old fashioned life experience. That is why I find myself here at WORN.

Current Inspirations

DossierJournal online
– This online version of Dossier, which is focused on a smart combination of art, fashion and literature, seems to serve me endless anecdotes as well as information about interesting people and their creations.

My Parents Were Awesome – A cheerful collection of photographs depicting the parents of the past. Most often the pictures are accompanied by humourous tidbits that would make anyone smile at any time of day.

Smarthistory – A “multimedia web-book about art and art history” that I always reference. It is a comprehensive website that is useful when researching fashions that were documented within traditional art forms.

Showstudio Archives – Okay, hardly obscure but highly addictive. I mainly enjoy the assemblage of fashion films along with the lectres that are sponsored by places like the Victoria and Albert Museum. I always learn something new.

Dream Create Inspire – This fashion illustrator profiles others in her profession, scours the internet for “how to” fashion illustration videos and has created a comprehensive database of inspiration for fashion lovers and artists alike.