Angela Wornette

“Only Angela could pull that off!” is a phrase often followed by a hearty chuckle that I’ve heard all my life. Wearing unconventional pieces is not only one of my favourite pastimes, but it’s also my way of bringing smiles to strangers’ faces. Through Bananne Appeal, my handmade and mostly repurposed label of quirky fascinators, apparel, and doodads, I aim to spread playfulness in quotidian dressing.

I became glued to the sewing machine the way other kids were glued to the television ever since my mother taught me how to use one (and severely limited my television watching hours) when I was little. Many of my most cherished clothes come from my mother’s and grandmother’s closets. Inspiration for my ever-evolving sense of style is literally gathered from all over. I take my cues from everything from Japanese fast food to Australian school children and collectable German nutcrackers.

Special events are my other passion and as a result of my curiosity and commitment for them, I have been involved with Walt Disney World Florida, the CBC, Toronto Fashion Week, Pride Toronto, TIFF, and over a hundred bar/bat mitzvahs. After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with a Major in Hospitality & Tourism Management, I worked in Corporate & Special Events in a cubicle while dreaming of traveling. Today, as a Flight Attendant who regularly gets to rummage the world’s thrift stores and still has time to sew and work for WORN as Director of Events, I have never been more satisfied.

Current Inspirations

Snippets – The Online Magazine for Cut Out and Keep
Cut Out and Keep is not only a treasure trove of ideas for those of us who like to make things, but it’s also a vibrant online community where you can share your creations and post your own instructions for unique pieces. The web-only Snippets magazine is full of great articles on uncommon topics to get your creative juices flowing.

New Dress A Day
Although Marissa’s self imposed challenge to blog about her daily adventures in repurposing a thrift store find for 365 days straight has been over for a while now, her blogging and sewing are still going strong. Her conversational style of writing and penchant for alliteration and puns keep her near and dear to my heart.

Jared Andrew Schorr, paper cutter extraordinaire
I have loved paper cutting ever since I was old enough to play with razor blades (under the supervision of my creative and mindful mother, of course). Thanks to extremely talented and dedicated paper cutter Jared Andrew Schorr, the craft is getting all of the limelight it deserves as an art form worthy of adult attention.

BUST Magazine’s blog
My favourite feminist magazine has come a long way since it first came out in 1993. Now with a fabulous blog of their own, there’s more BUST than ever to love.

Keep It Weird from The Etsy Blog
Keep It Weird is a collection of especially strange and therefore inspiring topics gathered under the Etsy blog umbrella. The weirder, the better, I say.

Design Sponge
As a soon to be first time home buyer, I am constantly looking for home decor inspiration and unique DIY how-tos. Although Design Sponge doesn’t focus on fashion, the brilliant images and ideas will easily influence you sartorially and are guaranteed to help you make everything on and around you just a little bit more charming.

photography by Samantha Walton