Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

I love my brown suede Clarks desert boots. They look great and feel comfortable, but little did I know, they might also be delicious!

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog finds out for himself when he cooks his own desert boots, albeit a pair of leather ones, in Les Blank’s 1980 short film Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. Herzog makes himself the titular meal as the result of losing a bet with fellow filmmaker Errol Morris. Turns out all you need is some duck fat, hot sauce, rosemary, onion, salt, and an entire bulb of garlic to give that boot some kick! Pun intended.

Werner Herzog’s latest film, the 3D documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, is playing now at the Bell Lightbox in Toronto. It closes Thursday, August 11th (tomorrow!), so be sure to check it out.