This Whole World’s Wild at Heart and Weird on Top

Lick your freshly stained crimson lips, take a sip of your Cherry Coke, and count all the ways you can wear that body-con dress that you once bought but never actually put on.

This is the thought process—the ritual—that I go through almost every morning after watching David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, one of my favourite films. It’s an obsession fuelled by the outfits that adorn Lula Fortune, Laura Dern’s character. Lula’s tight-fitting outfits are both sensual and endearing, charming, and just damn sexy in exactly the right sigh-inducing, baby-you-got-me-hotter-than-Georgia-asphalt sort of way. You know what I mean, sugar?

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Twin Peaks Style, Part 3: This Cherry Pie is a Miracle

[Editor's note: WARNING! The following blog post contains many a spoiler concerning the events in our favourite fictional Pacific Northwest town. Read at your own risk. - Anna]

When I first started writing these Twin Peaks Style posts, I thought I’d have a fairly easy time choosing which characters to look at and how to look at them. First I wrote about the way Audrey Horne and Josie Packard use clothing in attempts to hide their true colours, in turn revealing more about themselves than they could have ever imagined. Then I looked at how Special Agent Dale Cooper‘s wardrobe represents his fear of the past and his attachment to the town of Twin Peaks. But now what?

It seems only natural that for my third and final post in this series, I should study another character — maybe Donna Hayward or Lucy Moran — but I just can’t do it. This series (much like Twin Peaks itself) can’t go on forever, and there are so many characters whose unique and complex wardrobes I’d kick myself for leaving out. So, on that note, I’m leaving you with a round-up of sorts. I’ll miss obsessing over these images and outfits just like I miss standing up and turning on all the lights in the house after each gut-wrenching episode. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.


“All men in the world should be taken to a desert island and forced to eat sand!”

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