Playing in the Jean Pool (plus another fantastic giveaway)

In 1980, nothing came between Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins.
Of course, she was only 15 at the time, so a few people thought that might be TMI.

Not too long ago I stopped in at Dennis’ House of Vintage (1239 Queen St. West). I was very pleased to find that they had a really decent selection of awesome late 70s and early 80s designer jeans – brands like Sergio Valente and Jordache. You know, high waisted and practically painted on. Think Kate Jackson, Blair in The Facts of Life or Debbie Harry. Since then, I’ve been searching them out everywhere. My latest find, a pair of Cote d’Azur brand, came from a tiny thrift store outside of London, Ontario. The genius of these jeans is threefold: they never ride down when you sit or bend, they make your legs look about a mile long, and if they’re slightly unflattering, it’s actually charming. Beat that.

But don’t forget! These were made in the days before Lycra. I wore my new favourite skintight Jordache to work yesterday; it was tricky, to say the least. First, thinking I could sit in those things was a HUGE MISTAKE. Second, I’m pretty sure they actually bruised me all around the waist and hips. Heh, heh. You have been warned.

At the same time I found my sexy Cote d’Azur, I also found what may be the greatest jeans since Fancy Ass – and though they didn’t fit me, I felt it was my duty to find them a good home. Inspired by The Gambler, I now have in my possession a pair of gen-u-ine Kenny Rogers’ Lady jeans… and they could be yours.

Our denim model is a size 31 (modern sizing) and these jeans are a shade big.
She is also, at 5’3”, wearing four inch platform heels… These are loooong.

Remember last year’s shoe giveaway? Well, the rules are basically the same. Write us a note in the comments section describing why you are the Lady Kenny himself would want representing his particular brand of class and sass. The winner will be announced on the website in one week, on April 21. See below for exact sizing and fine print…

• Label sizing: 13/14 (but remember, that’s circa 1986 – probably closer to a 10 now)
• Waist: 29-30”
• Hip (at widest point): 38”
• Inseam: 33.5”
• Rise: 12” (holy crap!)

• Contestants from the US and Canada are elligible to win not only these fine denim pants, but they will receive their booty’s booty with shipping costs included (up to a maximum of $10, sent by regular post). If a winner is chosen outside of North America, they will be responsible for mailing/shipping costs. Once those costs are determined, they can be paid directly to WORN through Paypal.
WORN employees are welcome to enter. I would hate for any of you girls to be pantsless.
• Contest winner will be announced on the WORN website. It is up to the contestant to contact WORN with complete mailing details in order to redeem their prize at that time.

CONTEST! Win an ad spot in issue 10!

If you’re an online retailer with style for sale (including clothing and accessories, cosmetics, and books and magazines about or related to fashion),YOUR Picture is Worth a THOUSAND ADS…
(More, if you’re feeling literal.)

Get your camera, your markers, your mirror, your neighbour, your mom – whatever you need – and get ready to give a shout out.

This is your chance to win a spot in WORN Fashion Journal’s issue 10:
Just recreate the cover of WORN issue 9.

Your ad will appear in print in our own Maynard Street Market, putting it into the hands of readers in Canada and the US, the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia just in time for a little spring shopping.

Your options are wide open: reinterpret the image any way you like, and with whomever (or whatever) you like. Just make sure your entry (and your ad design) hits our inbox by midnight on Sunday March 28th.

1) Contest submissions must be digitally submitted in print quality size (minimum 1000 pixels wide).

2) By submitting entries/images, contestants consent to give WORN Fashion Journal permission to reproduce said images on the WORN website, in print, or for promotional purposes.

3) All entries will be judged and a winner chosen by WORN staff. The winner will be notified by email.

4) Contest deadline is midnight, Sunday March 28th, 2010


6) Winner must submit their ad design within 5 days of notification. Winning ad will be printed in full colour in the WORN issue 10 Maynard Street Market ad pages.

Contest! *cough* The September Issue! *cough*

In grade six, after winning the highly prestigious role of Prancer in the school’s Christmas play, I was convinced of my intimate relationship with luck. I can’t say that wearing festive antlers and a shapeless taupe onesie was the pinnacle of my fashion career, but it was certainly a moment of elementary school glory.

For your sake, oh devoted (Montreal) readers, I hope you have some of that same Prancer luck in you, because it’s time for a contest. For reasons I can’t begin to unders
tand, the long-awaited movie The September Issue is finally coming out in Canada — in October. Yes, the strange month discrepancy annoys me, but the chance to win free tickets does not. In fact, anything free is a friend of mine.
So let’s cut to the chase and dole these hot tamales out to the most deserving ladies and gents. Up for grabs are 10 run-of-engagement passes, valid at all times in Quebec theatres where the movie is playing. The September Issue hits theatres October 23rd. The rules are simple: In the comments write a single sentence starring Ms. Wintour herself, and please, fictional is obviously better. Don’t really know what I’m talking about because it’s late and my brain is casually chugging along in energy saver mode? Here’s an example of something I’m looking for:

Laughing gingerly at the flashing TV screen, Anna fished for another handful of popcorn before speaking to the empty room, “The Hills is really heating up this season!”

We will judge our favourites based on personal biases, comedic value, creativity, and proximity to our hearts. And remember, only enter if you live in Quebec. And now, may the fallacies begin! Deadline is September 20th!

P.S. folks — Here are the links to the official sites (The September Issue+ Les Films Seville)

- Carmen Vicente

If the Shoe Fits, or How My Folly is Your Freebie

Please note: T-Rex is not to scale.

A couple of days ago I had an early dentist appointment. Afterwards I had some time to kill before work, so I thought I’d do a little window shopping. I wasn’t planning on buying anything – until I saw those shoes. They didn’t look like much on the shelf, but there was something that made me want to try them. A combination of pearly patent and black suede, their Deco lines and towering, knife-thin wedges made me think of the Empire State Building. What choice did I have? (One should never pass up the chance to try on footwear that looks like of architecture.)

I put them on and fell in love. Now, I’m usually at least an 8.5, but to my surprise, they felt quite roomy. I slipped into the 8s. They were a little snug, but not bad. That heel was going to force my foot forward, I thought, and the shoe would be sure to stretch. I didn’t want to get stuck with a shoe I kept slipping out of so, after walking around a bit just to be sure, I went with the smaller pair.

They don’t fit.
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