We Are The Chosen Ones

On this last cloudy Saturday in Toronto I went over to West Queen West and decided to check out The Chosen Ones Vintage Sale. Held monthly, over one weekend, at 107 Shaw Gallery, The Chosen Ones is a rotating sale that features a well curated selection of vintage wares from some of Toronto’s best vintage vendors including: Philistine, Sunday Girl, Penny Arcade, Jillian K, Huxley General, Here Designs, Alynne Lavigne, Erin Anderson, Never Knows, Vanessa Fischer, LBC and Kristie Muller, I Heart Cake, and Leilanni Land.

As this was the first time I had the pleasure of checking this sale out I wasn’t sure what I’d find. Situated in a location just off the beaten path, 107 Shaw was quaint and welcoming. Nice and well-organized there was no danger of being overwhelmed by too much stuff. The friendly staff were helpful and encouraging to all who came in. You could tell they really love clothes and especially the interesting stuff featured here, even having fun trying stuff on themselves, including one salesgirl taking it upon herself to try on a blouse with a “scary clown print” and a great leather skirt, which she looked fantastic in! Proving to anybody and everybody there that vintage is not meant to be just judged on the rack but tried on to see the full potential of any garment. Being a rotating sale, The Chosen Ones has the enviable advantage of culling together a good number of interesting pieces in one place reducing the need to shop hop and being plagued by the sort of indecisiveness that comes with too much choice. Check them out at a future sale, if for nothing else but to have a lovely cloudy weekend afternoon.

There is a Chosen Ones sale in Toronto this Saturday and Sunday at the 107 Shaw Street Gallery.