Chayonika Wornette

Our newest high school co-op student name talks macarons and name drops Willy Wonka

Most people can’t pronounce my name to save their lives. Phonetically, it’s ‘Shy-a-nee-kah’ but my friends usually call my ‘Shy.’ Although at first, you might think my nickname suits me, don’t let my youthful innocence deceive you. I’m a 17 year old Indian-Canadian from A.Y. Jackson Secondary School and I want to pursue my passions of writing and fashion. I love photography and Audrey Hepburn movies; I want to live the life of Holly Golightly.

Growing up with strict, overbearing South Asian parents wasn’t an easy task. They had my medical career planned out before I even left the womb. My nutty but loving mother has seen me go through all kinds of stages since my pre-pubescent years. But one of the most prominent phases is here to stay: my love for everything fashionable. I used to spend all my time hosting fashion shows and doing interviews with my teenybopper girlfriends, obsessing over which pair of chunky boots to match with which style of skirt, writing casual anecdotes in my fluffy, pink diary, and collecting magazine excerpts from Teen Vogue. My folks know that the love of fashion and writing coursed naturally through my veins, so it didn’t come as much of a shock to them when I revealed a couple of years ago that my dream was to be a fashion journalist. Being an average, run-of-the-mill doctor prescribing expensive medicine with illegible handwriting is not my ideal career choice. Even though disappointment ensued, my parents respected my decision and are letting me follow my dreams.

After four years of fantasizing about interning for a fashion magazine and dreading the clichéd coffee run, I’ve finally acquired a highly desired placement at the one and only WORN Fashion Journal. After reading all of the issues, I’ve started noticing intricate details in random peoples’ street styles. I’ve finally realized that hopping on the bandwagon of the latest fashion trends doesn’t do my personality justice. I’m that outlandishly dressed and outspoken girl and I think WORN is where I’ll fit in.

Current Inspirations

Kendall Donaldson
This is one of my favourite fashion blogs on the World Wide Web. Kendall is my biggest online vintage fashion inspirations because her style is so vibrant and trendy, and she always manages to stand out from the crowd. Her fashion sense is refreshing and witty, and I think she can be the go-to fashion guru for teenage girls like myself.

I could spend countless hours every day on this mind-numbing thing we call the Internet, just putting together different kinds of outfits on all the various models. There’s a galore of ingenious creativity happening in my brain every time I use this site. I feel like I’m inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but better.

To Be Fashion
Being a teenager in the 21st Century means staying connected with all types of social media. Hence, drooling over my Tumblr dashboard every night comes naturally to me. One of my most favourite blogs on Tumblr (other than food porn of course) belongs to a very close friend of mine, Daviena. She and I share mutual interests and I adore everything on her blog. It’s exciting, unique, and beautiful; just like her. I visit her blog every time I need to be inspired; Daviena is my soul sister!

Nadège Patisserie
When it comes to pastries, I like them extra sweet and mouth-watering, and Nadège Patisserie is the place to go. Conveniently located a block from Summerhill Station, this quaint but chic shop has filled my soul with happiness. After years of being fixated upon eating macarons (a sandwich-like pastry, easily confused with macaroons), my Blair Waldorf fantasy phase has become a reality. I opened myself to new opportunities (namely, more pastries) after trying Nadège’s French macarons. This is my new go-to place if I’m ever craving sweet delicacies.

Joe Santagto
I cannot accurately describe this channel with appropriate words to describe my true feelings. All I can say is this New Yorker will make your eyes water and cause side-splitting laughter with his impressions and his infamous grey wig.

photography // Zoe Vos