Crushing on Inez Genereux

When Inez Genereux entered WORN’s Black Cat Ball last year, all the Wornettes could do was stare. Inez (or Nezzie as her friends call her) has a cloud of swoon-worthy qualities that float around her like the scent of a just-strong-enough perfume. From her bleached Bettie Page bangs to her fearless footwear choices, Inez has the aura of a magical creature, and the energy of a five-year-old at a birthday party. An artist, Magic Pony super-employee, and generally awesome creative person, Inez talks to WORN about kitties, children’s hair accessories, and lemon meringue pie.

Side note: we’re also crushing on Inez’s boyfriend Landon, one of the models from Unbinding Binaries in Issue 13.

How would you describe your style in one word?
Ummm, can I say unicorn? Even though it’s not an adjective?

What’s the last thing you bought for yourself?
Probably my shoes? They’re little party shoes that have silk-screened bursts of colour. Imagine the party hats you had when you were eight years old, and they have weird squares and circles and squiggles with different primary colours that look like shouting marks on them.

What can you not stop wearing right now?
My new tote bag that I got at the Hunx & His Punx concert. It’s like two pages from a comic that he did silkscreened onto each side of the bag, where it’s these really crudely drawn images of “Call 1-800-HOT-SEX, meet local babes,” or “Teen struck by fatal acne cream accident.” with all these spreads and cutouts from teen magazines, but it’s all really vulgar? It’s really, really good, and it was five bucks.

What’s that in your hair?
Oh, it’s something from the children’s section at H&M. There’s a little pink bow back there, you can’t see it, and then this one’s a little plush heart.
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Brittany Wornette

I started taking photos of my friends from high school, hanging out in mall parking lots. We would listen to Sonic Youth and eat Mac’s Milk food every day while sitting on the roof of my friend’s car. Not much has changed. I studied film production and cultural studies at York University, however, after discovering artists like Stephen Shore and Jeff Wall, my sights were set on working in photography. I work as a commercial photographer day to day, which is a bizarre yet rewarding job to have. My greatest influences are Tennessee in the ’50s, Paris in the ’60s, and New York & Los Angeles in the mid-’90s.

My style when I was younger was typically inspired by movies more then anything else. After watching Trainspotting, I bought a pair of incredibly tight skinny jeans that barely fit over my ankles. I loved Annie Hall so I decided to find oversized khakis at Value Village. I watched Kids on repeat, which inspired me to wear a raggedy Independent t-shirt from Black Market that my mom hated.

Today I’m typically inspired by the people I see on the street day to day. I think as long as you stay true to who you are, then you’ve got great style.

Current Inspirations

Chic Heroin
This is my friend Liz’s blog. Liz is a beautiful person, inside and out. She has clean yet unique style, mixing both vintage and new pieces. Also her hair is truly a work of art.

Tiny Vices
Tim Barber, the creator of this site, has had a huge influence on contemporary photography. His site features truly talented fine art photographers from around the globe.

Cooper Cole Gallery
Check out Cooper Cole Gallery Simon’s gallery featuring amazing contemporary artists who you will most likely hear about when you’re old.

Shop Spanish Moss
I’m addicted. If you want to look like you just walked out of a psychedelic desert, this is the place to shop.

This is the place to go if you’re bored or need inspiration.

photography // Serah-Marie McMahon

Are You Stoked For Our Beach Ball Yet?

We know that dressing for a theme party isn’t always a walk on the beach, so the styling department here at WORN thought we would help out all you sunbathing Betties and fun-loving Freddies planning on attending our issue 14 launch party. Myself and new style intern, Rachel, took a break from hanging out at the surf shack (read: the overheated WORN office) and visited some local Toronto shops to serve up a few inspiration outfits for Saturday’s Beach Ball.

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Jenna Wornette

I’m in my last semester of my degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in Culture Studies and minoring in English. It took me a brief interlude as a sorter in a thrift store and having an existential crisis to get here, but I somehow made it through. This fall, I’ll be attending York University to complete my Master’s Degree in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies. Not only will I be a Master in all things feminist-y, but also the world’s leading expert in GB Jonesian aesthetics. Aside from being a critical thinking, jargon slinging academic in training, I make a nice espresso and buy too many tschockhes, which makes for a deadly combination.

My best pieces of clothing were thrown out by my mother. This list includes my ratty Sailor Moon night gown that I cut into a muscle tee and a pair of boy short underwear with an anatomical drawing of the female sexual organs on the back. Now that I’m an adult, I can pick things out of the garbage for my wardrobe and get away with it. My life long goal is to recover that muscle tee from the Windsor, Ontario dump, but I think I’m dreaming. I’m really excited to be working with WORN. Fashionable friends and a magazine with a high word count? What more could a gal ask for? Also, working on my writing and researching skills and considering the political implications of my wardrobe sounds pretty fun, too.

Current Inspirations:

Second Hand Smut
My Retro Porno Tumblr. I “curate” (does that make it sound more professional?) a tumblr page full of retro pornography images. Yes, I said porn three ways. You have been warned.

Ken Russell’s “The Last of the Teddy Girls” photos
These photos by the late and great director Ken Russell document working class girls in neo-Edwardian dress, and an important and early part of British youth culture. The teddy girls were rebellious before there were rebel grrrls.

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
I started volunteering at the “CLGA” almost two years ago, and it was love from the start. The CLGA collects and preserves LGBTQ historical materials from Canada and around the world, and their treasure chest is always growing. My favourites? Queer zines, the amazing vinyl collection, and matchbooks from gay bars and elsewhere. They inspire my perspective on style and design, as well as my personal politics.

Cathy of California
Cathy of California is who I want to be when I grow up. She draws inspiration for her craft projects directly from vintage craft documents, and has even written a fantastic book on the topic, Vintage Craft Workshop. She’s a feminist historian in my eyes.

John Waters (on fashion and in general)
I am a loyal snub-ject of the king of trash. Words to live by.

photography by Brittany Lucas