Très Click: What We’re Reading & Watching This Week

The SartorialTwist
Do you have a pile of work you’re avoiding? Do you sit at your computer hoping that the Internet will provide a new excuse to get nothing done? Me too! The SartorialTwist combines my two favorite procrastination hobbies, street style websites and clicking buttons.

Wearing Nothing New
Jessi Arrington has some important life lessons to share with us: no one can be unhappy in red pants, gold sequins are a neutral, confidence is your most valuable possession, and all you really need in life is underpants. Watch and learn.

52 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better in the ’90s
You’re welcome.

Enough With The Fat Jokes, Already
The Toronto Standard is calling on all journalists to stop with the fat jokes and hit Toronto’s mayor where it counts – his politics. I think John Lorinc is completely right when he says that “…the most effective way to hold Ford accountable is to vigorously critique his policies, not his inseam.” Focusing on Rob Ford’s weight simply reinforces the idea that there is only one right way to look if you want to work in the public eye. Just like Olivia Chow’s arms, his weight is none of our concern and definitely not up for debate in a public forum. His views on funding for HIV/AIDs programs, necessary social services, and cute baby animals on the other hand? Let’s shame him for that.

- Haley Mlotek