I Demand a Recount!

Bill Cunningham, New York was, was without a doubt, my favorite film of 2011. It made me cry four—four!—times. So when award season rolled around and it wasn’t nominated for Best Documentary, I was convinced the ballots had been switched. If I was in charge, it would have won all the awards.

The documentary itself is simple: a humble street style photographer reluctantly discusses his long career. Distinguished members of the mainstream fashion industry sing his praises; colleagues from former jobs extol his superhuman work ethic; the eclectic subjects of his photographs talk about the effect Bill Cunninghmam has had on their lives. All of this plays out against a classic David and Goliath type of struggle. Bill is one of the last remaining residents living in a rent-controlled apartment over Carnegie Hall. The owners want him and his few neighbors out; they are planning to rent their units as office space for greater profit. Will they force him, an 82 year old living legend, to leave his modest space for a new and unfamiliar condo? YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE TO FIND OUT.

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