It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

…it’s a bunch of Wornettes in the sky.

Staff meetings, no matter how many cheezies and beer might be consumed during, always have a tendency to be more business than pleasure. However, when Anisha said she could give us access to her apartment’s roof (and, ahem, indoor pool) for the evening, we were up there faster than a teen getting pregnant at Degrassi High. I think every meeting could be made more productive when you are eye-level with the CN Tower.

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We call this one “business-casual-sporty-chic”

I haven’t paid attention to soccer since winning the M.I.P. award on my fifth grade team (not to brag or anything). Our intern Deua, however, knows how FIFA fever is done. She showed up to our staff meeting last night repping her native Brazil. Dunno about the rest of the world, but I think showing team spirit with awesome disco pants and ripped tights beats the vuvuzela any day.

Photo by Alyssa K. Faoro