Crushing on Bangs & Blush

Lindsay Darling and Brittney Townson make up one of Toronto’s most energetic (not to mention adorable!) DJ duos, Bangs & Blush. With under a year as a team under their high-waisted belts, Bangs & Blush have already shared their love of 60′s rock & roll, pop, Motown and soul all over Toronto, from Queen West to Banana Republic’s Mad Men Launch this past July. While promising (and delivering) one of the “sweatiest dance parties in the city,” these ladies remain effortlessly charming and stylish, often paying tribute in dress to the vintage sounds they pound out.

How important do you rank overall aesthetic or style to achieving success within your industry?
Anyone can do or be anything they want, not because of experience or expertise, but with the right personality and attitude. Fashion and style are pretty much the strongest forms of self-expression. The way you dress conveys a certain message to people regarding what you’re about.

Have you ever used clothing as a way to alter or reinvent yourselves?
Of course. Everyone goes through phases… what we wear now was definitely not what either of us wore in high school. We’ve always loved Motown, soul, and 60′s, but both of us used to go to hardcore shows when we were teenagers. The two of us seem to have had the same progression when it comes to style.
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