What I Wore To WORN: Avyn’s Bone Neclace

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing?
The bone necklace is probably my most popular conversation piece. My friend Elizabeth and I found them on a bike ride, picnic, crawfish catching adventure in the countryside by the Thames River. They were easily bleached and sun dried by the sun, then slipped on to a string and voila! You have to wear them for a year or two to give them that nice shimmery shine.

What inspired this outfit?
I wanted to feel the misty rain on my legs.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
The first thing that comes to mind is, for no apparent reason, Catcher in the Rye.

Where did you get all the items in your outfit?
Boots: from the Salvation Army, rain jacket: from Club Monacco, necklace: the ground, ring(s): both are mementos from some of the important people in my life.

photography by Natasha Bigioni

Real Live Zebra!

When Avyn Wornette told me she wanted to do a photo shoot for issue 11 on her friend’s farm with a zebra named Marty, I was skeptical. While Avyn was sketching out looks with Marty lying complacently amid heeled and hair-sprayed models, I cautioned that she should plan for shots with the zebra wandering around somewhere in the background.

The reality of the shoot was somewhere in between. Marty behaved a lot like any horse I’d encountered… friendly and interested, but only on his own terms. He strutted and posed with the best of them, until he got bored and wandered off to hang out with the llamas. This was the most ambitious photo shoot we’d ever planned – the highest number of models we’d ever put in a shoot, the biggest change of looks in a spread, the farthest location (three hours away in Avyn’s hometown of St. Mary’s), the largest crew, extensive props, and, of course, a real live zebra. The day was long and exhausting, but extremely satisfying.

Model Sam using a ladder to get to a location over the electric fence.

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Crushing on Lenny Pier Ramos

from Lenny’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection: Consume.Consumed

Lenny Pier Ramos is a film student turned fashion designer, originally hailing from Montreal. I talked to him about his time spent at the Academy in Antwerp, fashion films, and Canadians in fashion.

What made you switch from cinema to fashion?
I was very young and curious about a lot of things. I did not see any limitations, and moving from one discipline to another seemed very natural.

Do you have any interest in merging film and fashion? What do you think of the fashion films being made by both young designers and established brands right now?
That is a very interesting question. Fashion “films” are a very new phenomenon and result in the extreme democratization of digital video that occurred in the past years. Now almost any digital photo camera can shoot decent videos so photographers are free to experiment with that media without having to acquire any new material. To be very honest I do not know if that plays to their advantage. I have been seeing a lot of very boring, very mediocre so called “fashion films” from both young designers and bigger brands. Because of the rapidity of diffusion of information allowed and required by the web, people feel the need to produce a lot just to feed the machine and stay relevant, keep their name at the top of the blogroll. I would like to see people putting a bit more thought into it, a bit more thinking and a bit less focus on making things “look good”.

The application process to Royal Academy in Antwerp is challenging. Can you describe it a bit and tell me about your experience?
It feels a bit like these ballet auditions we see in the movies. There are a ton of people, everyone seems super talented and ready for a fight. People travel from every corner of the world to that little town just for a shot at getting into that school… It is a bit surreal.
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Cherry Blossom Girls

So I must confess that I don’t explore my own neighborhood nearly enough. Although High Park is only a mere 10 or so blocks away, the first time I’d ever been is when we shot the Nancy Drew editorial for Issue 9. If it hadn’t been for Anabela of Fieldguided (a blog I love whose author I’ve never met, despite a recent discovery that we live a within walking distance from each other), I would have probably missed the annual spectacle that is the cherry blossom tree blooming. Avyn Wornette was in the office when I made the discovery and we hatched a plot to throw together a last minute photoshoot for fun. Of course, when our planned day arrived I got buried under work and couldn’t leave the office, but I sent Avyn and her friend Adelle out with the WORN camera – and a bunch of clothing Avyn made – to frolic in the fields for what looked like a lovely afternoon. One of these days I’ll make it out of here!

hearts, Serah-Marie

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