La Brunette est Ma Blonde

Brushing hair and blushing cheeks

Wearing hair on just your head is so passé. For our Issue 15 editorial, La Brunette est Ma Blonde, wornette stylist Eliza Trent-Rennick created an entire wardrobe of follicular fashion for models Ave Smith and Rachelle Ralla. Hair blouses, bras, and shoes compliment other curiosities such as a clock purse and a telephone handbag. Photographed by Arden Wray, in the home of Erin Hall (owner of one of our favourite independent fashion boutiques Robber) even the wallpaper is worth swooning over.

video and text // Daniel Reis
titles design // Alexandra Niit
end animation // Barry Potter

Flippy Flippy Issue 11

A new[ish] year means time for new resolutions, and let’s be honest — you aren’t actually going to eat more carrots or spend less time on tumblr anytime soon. Why not keep it real and resolve to support independent fashion publishing? If you haven’t picked up a copy of issue 11 yet, maybe this snazzy vid put together by Ave Wornette will convince you to finally check it out.

- Anna Fitz

Issue 11 will be Awesome, but 10 is Still Here!

We have spent the last few sleep deprived weeks frantically scrambling to get issue 11 to the printers – the launch party is on November 13! – but that doesn’t mean we are ready to forget about issue 10. Now, I may be totally biased (full disclosure: I actually work for this magazine. Shocker, I know), but our last issue has a ton of good content including, but not limited to:

A gender-bending photoshoot inspired by hairstyles of kickass historical women! Setting the record straight on hijab terminology! Don Cherry’s iconic suits! An interview with Iris Haussler! A model tearing apart a chicken! Tavi talks Avedon! A look at the intense world of button collectors!

If haven’t already, I recommend you pick up a copy. As always, we strive for timeless content, so barring a zombie apocalypse this issue will still be relevant five years from now.

(Heads up, the next issues that will probably sell out are issues four and nine – my personal favourite – so get those while you still can).

- Anna Fitz
Video by Ave Smith