Crushing on Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Shearer is a 19-year-old artist from Australia who specialises in painting girls in dresses, both of which are whimsical, feminine and just slightly offbeat.

What is the Bleeding Knees Club, and how did it start?
The Bleeding Knees Club is my imaginary Peter Pan gang; Never Never Land for young ladies.
It started when I accidentally let some red paint leak across a painting of legs, maybe about four years ago. It looked like bleeding knees and I since haven’t been able to let that imagery go.

You recently did a collaboration with Hopeless Lingerie. How was that experience? Do you plan on doing any more designing in the future?
I love Hopeless Lingerie and the designs that Gabrielle Adamidis comes up with. She is truly talented! It was amazing to work with her to illustrate for Initially, I had just e-mailed her to say how much I adored her work, and a really fantastic collaboration blossomed from that. Fashion illustration is something I would really like to get into as a career. Designing clothes is something I am looking at too.
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