Crushing on Audrey Malo

Audrey Malo is a Quebec-based artist who sells her work in her etsy store, Cendrille. The girls she depicts in her paintings are sometimes melancholic but always well dressed; they manage to be sweet without being saccharine.

How do you decide what the girls in your drawings will wear? Do they reflect your own style?

I don’t really plan anything when I draw, it is mostly intuitive. Once the face is traced, I just sketch something that looks cute and that feels right with the personality of my character. I’ve been told my girls look like me and I think this is a bit true, they wear what I’d like to wear every day. We share a common interest for dresses, bows, hearts and red lipstick!

How did you dress when you were a girl?
I had two distinct phases when I was young: from kindergarten to age 8, I was really into princess dresses and would always wear extravagant puffy-sleeved floral dresses in class pictures. Ponytails and bows in my hair too. Then, at 9, I started wearing glasses and got braces so I didn’t feel really cute. I was just wearing what was “in” at the time – jeans and brightly coloured t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Basically my mom would help me dress up until I was about 11. Then in high school I was a goth, but that’s another story.

What are your favourite artistic mediums? Are there any out there you have yet to try but you would like to?
I’ve been painting with opaque watercolours for a while now and this is most definitely my favourite, as the colour always comes out very bright and dries fast. I’d love to try inks — as well as be taught how to do it properly!

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