Natalie Wornette

I just graduated from George Brown college with a diploma in graphic design. I could try and fill you in on all my ambitions in life, but honestly? It all comes down to fashion and design. Well, that and a couple of cats. Yep, WORN seems like the right place for me.

Current Inspirations

Typography Served
Top work in categories such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, or any piece with strong typographic treatments. I love to drool over beautiful typography.

Post New is such an inspirational source. They discover, curate, and report on innovation, thinking, ideas, and people that do more than just break the rules.
A blog created by three cool girls from Denmark, each sharing fashion filtered through her point of view.

Alchemy Legend Myth
An assortment of well curated photographs.

images by Brianne Burnell