Stephanie F. Wornette

Hey WORN readers and fellow Wornettes! I’m Stephanie. Or “Stephanie Wornette” now, I suppose. I’m a second-year journalism student at Ryerson University, and I have a bit of an obsession with magazines and blogs – especially those written in an intelligent, witty, or unusual manner. Pretty pictures help, too.

Since I already told you I’m a journalism student, it’s probably not necessary to list reading and writing as two of my favourite things. I also love autumn weather, Earl Grey tea, snail-mail, exploring the city streets and wandering through all the beautiful corners of the internet. Another one of my passions is interviewing artists and other creative people for my own blog, Under My Bed.

I can’t wait to get my feet wet at WORN, and learn everything about writing, editing, and publishing that textbooks and professors won’t teach me. I don’t know all there is to know about fashion, but I can appreciate when someone is creative and takes risks with their daily sartorial decisions. I’m at WORN to learn, and to feel something real in the somewhat intimidating world of fashion journalism. And I can already feel those things happening. Are you as excited for Issue 10 as I am? I hope so. See you around!

Here are a few of my favourite spots to spend time

Elinkan for Radar Magazine
Elin, a Swedish 19-year-old with a wonderful wardrobe, shares her wares in beautiful, emotional photographs. It’s a little hard to understand the text since I don’t speak Swedish and English translations can be a bit dodgy, but the pictures alone are worth a little – or a lot – of your time.

Fifi Lapin’s Blog
Fifi is the most stylish little bunny around. Her blog makes a perfect pick-me-up and is a great source of inspiration. She’s pretty cute, too!

Frankie Magazine Blog
Frankie is a whimsical, fashion-friendly arts and life magazine from Australia. I used to buy it every time an issue came out, but now that it seems to have dropped off the face of Canadian soil, I’ll settle for the magazine’s blog – it’s the next best thing, and still packs a cute punch with music, photography, fashion, and everything else you could hope for.

Antler Magazine
An artistic, fashionable, and all-around wonderful magazine and blog. Antler is inspiring in so many ways. I promise you’ll love it!

A collection of street-style photographs from Helsinki. All of the outfits are put together so beautifully, and everything about this site just makes me want to hop on a plane right now.