Emily Wornette

Our newest intern didn't let a dial-up Internet connection hold her back

My interest in style and clothing started at a very young age, when my hippie parents allowed me to dress myself. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Since then I’ve been slowly collecting all the cast-off figure skating outfits in Eastern Ontario. I’ve written for Plaid Magazine, Exclaim! and my university newspaper, The Queen’s Journal. I’m very excited to be working as an intern on WORN’s editorial and publishing boards. On any given day you can find me riding my bike around Toronto, salvaging unwanted clothing, manically applying lipstick, window shopping, and getting into trouble.

I’m so happy to have found WORN and, at long last, to be a Wornette.

Girls and Guns
This Tumblr curated by photographer Petra Collins is awesome. The photos manage to be both raw and whimsical. Collins finds stills of girls who are diverse, who confront the camera, and who are sexy. These collections of photos have helped me harvest my inner slut and make me want to move to a trailer park and shoot guns in cut-offs.

Another Mag Loves
This blog is where my dreams take shape. Can I afford this new Celine bag, Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo dress, or Dom Pérignon X David Lynch? Hi, no. Absolutely not. Do I enjoy looking at them? Of course, yes. Very much. We’re all in the ditch but some of us are looking at a $5,493.92 Fornasetti balaclava chair. Thanks, Internet.

Facehunter was my first introduction to a fashion blog. Growing up in rural Ontario, street style didn’t exactly exist—probably because there was only one street in my town. With my parents’ dial-up Internet connection I used to wait for what felt like days to see each new photo. When the pictures finally loaded I was reminded that there were other cape-wearing girls on bicycles out there. And here I am, years later, still loving that affirmation.

Thank You, Ok
I love Katie Merchant’s blog because we both live in Toronto but she somehow manages to make this city look pretty. Merchant sees the loveliness in the concrete jungle, when I sometimes just see the sullen faces of the TTC and my chipped manicure. Her blog has inspired me to put on rose-tinted glasses every once and a while and invest in some overpriced Chanel nail lacquer.

I was so happy when Hazlitt was launched this past summer. Senior Editor Alexandra Molotkow is one of my favourite writers—anyone who manages to earnestly defend Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has my attention. Hazlitt, like WORN, engages in a more personal style of writing than many other sites. It has encouraged me to work on my own writing and to be fearless in my use of the word “I.”

photography // Zoe Vos