Contributor Corner: Anna Cipollone

How did you dress in high school?
Most of grade nine was dominated by high-waisted Parasuco jeans, lots of belly tops, an extensive collection of skate shoes, and some solid Value Village items.

Who would you rather be trapped in a broken elevator with: Karl Lagerfeld, Tyra Banks, or Lady Gaga?
Karl Lagerfeld would probably be the most annoying in person. Tyra might have a momentary diva episode but I sense we could work through it together. Really I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a broken elevator period.

If you could dress like your favourite food what would it be?
A delicious gourmet cookie and an iced soy latte—which could translate to fashion very well considering I’m big on brown.

Last fashion related book or article you read. Was it good or bad?
I just read an article on cinema/style icon Anna Karina in issue 30 of RUSSH magazine. It was short but sweet, with some charming vintage black and white stills.

What fashion blog do you think is underrated?
I’m not sure how underrated it is, but my friend Nikole’s blog, forty-sixth at grace, is an inspiring dose of photography, style, pastries, and poetry all rolled into one.
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