Contributor Corner: Hailey Siracky

How did you dress in high school?
I polled my parents on this one and they both said, “Pretty regular.” High school was when I first really started thrifting and had the desire to experiment, although it was all sort of tentative. I was really drawn to coloured tights and interesting scarves, and developed a small collection of secretary blouses that I wore often. I had a pair of big, clunky, construction-worker-y boots that I insisted on wearing all the time, too.

Who would you rather be trapped in a broken elevator with — Karl Lagerfeld, Tyra Banks, or Lady Gaga?
I’m going to go with Lady Gaga. I am only just beginning to discover the huge volume of outrageous and entertaining things she has been putting out there (sometimes I am embarrassingly slow at keeping up with the world), but I find her pretty fascinating – a little crazy, but also really smart. I wouldn’t be able to resist asking her questions – about music or clothing or her favourite kind of tea or whether she preferred wearing Kermit or Hello Kitty. I feel like even if we were trapped for days, I definitely wouldn’t be bored.

If you could dress like your favourite food what would it be?
I would be an Earl Grey cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting. In my head it’s the perfect mix of seriousness and frivolity, in that I always associate Earl Grey tea with activities like reading musty, hardcover novels in big leather chairs or sitting at an enormous, fancy desk and writing very important things (which I don’t always do but often dream about) – but in cupcake form and with some sugary yellow icing, I would be equally ready for a tea party.
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