Real Live Zebra!

When Avyn Wornette told me she wanted to do a photo shoot for issue 11 on her friend’s farm with a zebra named Marty, I was skeptical. While Avyn was sketching out looks with Marty lying complacently amid heeled and hair-sprayed models, I cautioned that she should plan for shots with the zebra wandering around somewhere in the background.

The reality of the shoot was somewhere in between. Marty behaved a lot like any horse I’d encountered… friendly and interested, but only on his own terms. He strutted and posed with the best of them, until he got bored and wandered off to hang out with the llamas. This was the most ambitious photo shoot we’d ever planned – the highest number of models we’d ever put in a shoot, the biggest change of looks in a spread, the farthest location (three hours away in Avyn’s hometown of St. Mary’s), the largest crew, extensive props, and, of course, a real live zebra. The day was long and exhausting, but extremely satisfying.

Model Sam using a ladder to get to a location over the electric fence.

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We call this one “business-casual-sporty-chic”

I haven’t paid attention to soccer since winning the M.I.P. award on my fifth grade team (not to brag or anything). Our intern Deua, however, knows how FIFA fever is done. She showed up to our staff meeting last night repping her native Brazil. Dunno about the rest of the world, but I think showing team spirit with awesome disco pants and ripped tights beats the vuvuzela any day.

Photo by Alyssa K. Faoro