Everyday She’s Garden’in

Alyssa Wornette comes to the office dressed like she's trying to attract honeybees

What inspired this outfit?
The flowers blooming all around the city. Every time I walk out my front door the sweet smell of lilacs and dogwood floating through the air pumps me up with glittery spring energy. I’ve also been working in my garden nonstop, and the tiny green leaves sprouting and forming into beautiful blooms is almost enough to burst my still-thawing-from-winter heart.

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing.
Well my dog Honey is… just kidding I don’t consider her an accessory, just my bestie. I’m really very excited about my new Karen Walker sunglasses. I’ve had the same dark Ray-ban wayfarers since I turned sixteen, and although I still agree they’re a classic, I got to a point where I needed a little more glamour. I quit my job to indulge in my fantasy of writing for a living, and splurged on these big tortoiseshell babies. They make every outfit feel a little more important.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
I’d have to say In the Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker (NOT the same as Karen Walker). This novel talks a lot about the loss of seasons, of fresh fruit and flowers diminishing as the world decays sometime in the not-so-far off future. It reminded me not to take these simple pleasures for granted when I read it about a month ago, and since I’ve felt like the details of the world are a little more vivid and exciting than they used to be.

What style icon would wear this outfit?
Oh maybe Alice in Wonderland if she was trying to pass as a flower instead of a weed in the garden of discriminatory blooms. Or a grown up, modern mini-moon? OH, I KNOW! Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time. I think she loves pink and sweets almost as much as me. Almost.

outfit credits //
Dress by Topshop, jacket from Levis, sandals by a store in Scotland I can’t quite remember, tote bag made by Caitlin Shearer, glasses by Karen Walker, and Honey the dog from a Kentucky shelter.

photography // Stephanie Chunoo

What I Wore to Worn: Hillary Predko

What inspired this outfit?
This outfit consists of my best staples all thrown together into one ensemble. From pleats, ruffles, lace, and plaid, I think my penchant for pretty things shines through.

Tell me about one of the items you’re wearing.
This skirt is actually from another Wornette! It had been Anisha’s and I found it at Chelsea’s clothing swap. It pays to have fashionable friends.

What’s the best book to read in this outfit?
Wildwood. Maybe I’m biased because I’m currently reading it, but I think the whimsical world of fantastical, contemporary Oregon works nicely with such a cute get-up.

What style icon would wear this outfit?
Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

outfit credits: Crinoline from Detroit, everything else secondhand
photos by Jessica Da Silva

The Wonderland Effect

Alice in Wonderland [Tim Burton, 2010]

Last week, WORN’s Editor-in-Pants tried to schedule a staff meeting. “I can’t come,” I told her. “I won tickets to an advance screening of the new Alice in Wonderland movie.” Apparently I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t make it and the meeting ended up being rescheduled. “Maybe you could write about the movie’s costumes for our blog?” she said, subtly reminding of how long it had been since I last wrote a post (her exact words being, “it’s been a long time since you wrote a post.”) I told her I would.
After my last class on Wednesday I bolted for the TTC, hoping to make it to the theatre in time for the 7 pm screening. Long story short: I was too late, and the doors were closed by the time I got there. “Well, that’s it,” I thought. “I’ll have no article to turn in and everybody in the entire world is going to hate me for being a terrible, terrible blogger and for making my editor reschedule the staff meeting for nothing” (sometimes I get dramatic when I’m tired). But gosh darn it, I had promised our good readers here at WORN an Alice in Wonderland themed blog post, and I am a woman of my word. So here you go:

Neco z Alenky [Jan Scankmajer, 1988]

It’s not like there’s a lack of anything to say on the subject of fashion and Alice. If I had a penny for every artsy film adaption, inspired runway collection, and magazine editorial entitled “Through the Looking Glass” I would have enough cash to buy not only my own movie ticket, but theatre-priced popcorn – and that’s saying something. I want to start this post somewhere else, however. After all, my own introduction to Lewis Carroll didn’t happen with a visually-saturated interpretation of his stories – no, not even the Disney one – but rather on a more literally literary level.
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