Susie Bubble says: Worn Fashion Journal is nice and chunky.

The Worn office was all a flutter this afternoon; our web trawlers caught none other than Susie Bubble, fashion blogger extraordinaire, writing a whole post on lil’ old us.

Susie runs the UK based Style Bubble – one of the most intelligent and widely read fashion blogs around (Susie is one of very few bloggers to land a front row seat at London Fashion Week – and she’s been featured in British Vogue.)

After she “gobbled up” issue five, Susie had this to say about Worn:

So what we have is an actual journal of articles that whilst aren’t 40 pages long are nice and chunky. No 800-1000 word limits here. In issue 5 which Angie sent me, I was enamoured with the personal tales, well researched articles and opinion pieces on a variety of subjects that with some historic or technical string are related to fashion, but are definitely unexpected and in some cases unexplored.

Thank you Susie Bubble! You can write that reply-back article to our own Emily Raine’s op-ed piece on being a vintage-wearing feminist for us anytime.

4 thoughts on “Susie Bubble says: Worn Fashion Journal is nice and chunky.

  1. Susie Bubble rules!
    I discovered her blog a little while ago and was smitten. She’s a total smartypants – it’s like finding out about cool stuff from a clever friend.
    Hurray for WORN for getting in her good books. (Or magazines, as it were.)

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