Strangers in Clothing

Hitting the gold mine of second-hand memories

Peering into a stranger’s photo album can feel both voyeuristic and comforting, to see all those intimate moments captured on film. It’s extra special when the people in the photos happen to have killer clothes. These pictures I found at Captain’s Treasures on Bloor Street were too fascinating not to share.

One thought on “Strangers in Clothing

  1. I have a bunch of pictures I collected from various Berlin flea markets. They looked so much like the pictures in my parents’ family albums, I had planned to add them without telling anyone and then start asking, “Who’s this person?”
    I still think it would be hilarious, but I’m sort of glad I never did it… I have a feeling we’d ALL forget, eventually, which pictures were actual relatives.

    Also, LOVE the bellywarmer tie in the third-to-last photo. I would love to see really short ties make a come-back.

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