WORN Fashion Journal – issue no.1

8.5×11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper



Everything I know About Fashion Measuring a mother’s love in whole and half sizes

You’ve Been Misinformed Learn to embrace your dirty laundry (and read those annoying little tags)

Material Girl All about Rayon

Books about Looks A look at revolutionary designer Paul Poiret in Nancy J. Troy’s Couture Culture

This Shit Ain’t Free Praise for Leeza Gibbons and the pitfalls of watching late night TV

It Happened to Me Clare moves in


Too Much Dutch Bad fads, corporate sell-outs, and one forgotten man

Consistent Variable Project
1. Use only items in the kit.
2. Use every item in the kit.

Marshland Toronto band Delta Marsh talks about love, regret, and putting on a new face (hint: it’s Nick Cave’s)

Andy Warhol Gives Me the CBGBs Fashion from the Lower East Side of New York in the late seventies

Getting Into Nancy’s Pants Daddy’s girl, daddy’s records, and a comeback that actually works

Knitting for a Living Two crafty designers spin a common yarn

Mark it On Your Skin Artist Andrea Van Kooij becomes her own best canvas

I Love Courtney Love (and I don’t care who knows it) One girl gets in touch with her inner train wreck


Cool Kids Color So get out your crayons…

Rent Controlled Dresses New York girl Liz Byer shows us what style is all about

Mother Russia’s Orphans Forget politics – just play

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