Worn Fashion Journal – Issue no.7

8.5×11 inches
48 pages long
half in colour, half in black and white
offset printed on semi-gloss paper

$6 plus shipping
(CAN $1.75, US $2.55, INTL $5.25)

REVIEWS OF ISSUE 7: Frozen Mammoth,


Everything I Know About Fashion ( I learned from my mother) Why your good side isn’t really good enough

Haiku Dressing for success

Material Girl Spandex stretches the definition of good taste

This Shit Ain’t Free Under Cover: the truth about sunscreen


Ropa The internet told us it means ‘clothes’ in Spanish

Anywhere and Here Getting dressed in the global village

Weft and WarpTwo artists talk about textile collaboration, and the finer points of getting tangled up in work

Visiting the Uncanny Valley A trip into the weird world of mannequin history

Good Will We are all extraordinary. Short fiction by Hailey Siracky

Leslie Hall is Mother Gem How the gem sweater launched the female Elvis of the Midwest


Inexplique Monocromania

Promenade Getting dressed up to dance slow

Cut to the Grace Lightning bolts and boxing gloves

P(r)etty Theft Being bad never looked so good



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