Miles of shoes before we sleep.

This is an honest-to-god email I got, and I decided to post it here too. If anyone else has a fashion related question, feel free to send them to me serahmarie @ and I’ll answer them here!

Dear Worn…
I’m a born and raised Montrealer, but (it seems) I’m having some difficulties navigating the city. I’m looking for a store that sells many many pairs of second-hand/vintage shoes and boots. I’ve managed to accumulate a few decent pairs from Village des Valeurs, but it’s always a gamble trying to find something the right-ish size and not completely decrepit.
Thanks, Christina

Dear Christina,
For sure La Chatte Botte. Run by two cutie girls Nika and Carole, La Chatte Botte is a traveling shoe sale that hops from store to store mostly in Montreal, but sometimes Ottawa and Toronto too. Some of my favourite shops like Lustre, Headquarters, and Victoire have recently hosted these miles of shoes.

One thought on “Miles of shoes before we sleep.

  1. The girl is right! La Chatte Botté is incredible! They often do mixed meet and greet/shoe sales, say, by having a 5 à 7 shoe sale in a bar, which are one of the funnest girl times a lady (and it is just for the ladies, for now at least) can have in Montreal. Cocktails and shoe shopping, together at last!

    You might also check Local 23, which has a decent selection, or the Polish frippe on Parc (just south of Van Horne) the name of which I cannot type, for good deals on vintage kicks.

    Ultimately, any place I can shop for shoes without hearing abrasive techo pop remixes is cool by me.

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