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Hey all. I’m Sarah, one of Worn’s newest web interns. This is my first time working for a fashion publication and I am thrilled to be here. I graduated last year from the University of King’s College in Halifax, where I studied English and Journalism. I’m going back to school in the fall to do my masters in English at York University. Since graduation, I’ve spent the year writing about anything from insurance to woodworking. Worn is my first opportunity to really love what I’m doing and I can’t wait to get started.

I am dress obsessed. My love of fashion is genetic; a seed planted in my family tree by my grandmother. She currently has no fewer than five closets bursting at the seams. I raid these on a pretty regular basis. Whether it’s something she bought 30 years ago or five minutes before, I get such a thrill out of transforming her stuff into my own. My favourite is her 1970s long-sleeved, backless lace mini dress that I wore to a wedding this year. I’m not sure where I will go in life but I always want to work with creative and interesting people. That’s a big reason why I’m here. I’m so excited to be at Worn for issue nine.

My grandmother is pretty happy for me too.

My current inspirations:

The Weekness
Every day is a new inspiration for Angie and Christophe, the creators of The Weekness. This sartorial blog pokes good-natured fun at everything silly and great about fashion. Be sure to check out Tuesday SHOEday and Monday MANday.

Punky Style
Anyone who runs a vintage clothing store out of a repurposed 1954 vintage Bellwood Aloha trailer has got to have a great blog. Punky is a vintage-enthusiast in New England, who organizes massive clothing swaps in her home town. Her trailer-park turned clothing shore is called Haberdash.

Art + Culture
This site takes the interweb literally. You can sign up or just observe as over 600 users create a map of all things art and culture related. It’s a great place to start your research or learn something new about something you already love. Just like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, find connections between movements in fashion and architecture or follow members with similar interests to discover something new.

Montmartre’s Sketchbook
I was initially drawn to this blog because I am going to France this summer and I thought there would be interesting posts about the artist district in Paris. The blog is about Montmartre in name only, but there are beautiful pictures of fashion, art and life here.

Dead Sexy Mag
This is a new online magazine. It’s not a blog because it is actually set up like a flat magazine. You can scroll and click your way through their beautiful photo essays and articles. It is all about Toronto but just for now. They are planning to start Dead Sexy Mags in Berlin, Montreal, Portland, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Tel Aviv.

9 thoughts on “Sarah Wornette

  1. Hi-five for web interns who study English at York! Aand another hi five for the Weekness. Welcome to Worn (ps I want to raid your grandmother’s closet).

  2. That picture was a bright spot in an otherwise crappy sort of day for me – thanks!
    And welcome welcome – I want to raid your grandmother’s closet, too!

  3. Welcome welcome, Sarah! The real question now is what moniker we can assign you to distinguish you from all the other Sara/-h/Serah(-Marie)s at Worn!

  4. hey!!! this blog is making me doubt about my career selection!!!!. All i do is read this, and others blogs and wants to became a journalist!!!!!!!!!. i like so much your job!!!! you make it really interesting!!!!


  5. Thanks guys!

    And yes, I definitely do need a nickname. There are Sara(h)s everywhere around here. We might have to start using last names only!

    And to Lucia: being a journalist is a lot of fun. Come back and tell us what blogs you like to read?

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