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Little, blonde and cute are the typical adjectives others used to describe me. A whopping height of 5’1, I spent most of my childhood trying to prove my mightiness. After winning a gold medal at the Karate World Championships, I moved on to something a little more dangerous, smelly, and hairy — horseback riding. When I realized I would never be able to have my own pony, my Dad’s old Leica camera became permanently attached to my hands. So here I am, going into my fourth and last year in Ryerson University’s photography program. The majority of my work is shot with an analogue 4×5 camera. To sum it up better than Google can, this camera is extremely big, bad, and super awesome.

Maybe my struggle to accept my size has something to do with my constant need for a challenge, which is what drew me to WORN in the first place. WORN, which is never afraid to break down stereotypes and beauty ideals, has helped me see that I don’t have to win ribbons or trophies to prove that I’m much more than a cute little blonde girl. I can help challenge the stereotypes attached to ‘being’ these adjectives — whether it be it with words, clothes, or photographs.

P.S. Santa, if you’re reading this… I’m still waiting for my pony.

Current inspirations:

Nerd Boyfriend
If you’re a girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a ‘friend’ — it doesn’t matter anymore. From Mick Jagger to Will Ferrell, these gentlemen and/or their rockin’ outfits will quickly steal your heart. You and your loved ones have been warned.

Tomboy Style
If you’re ever in need of some inspiration, Lizzie Garret’s collection of kickass females from the 1920s to today will do the trick. Possible side effects include the need for a new bike, skateboard, fishing pole, or all three.

Mom Style Icons
If you secretly think you’re cooler than your mom, guess again. This combination of old photographs, vintage clothing, and — of course — moms, can prove it.

These images created by the partnership of Andy Irwin and Luke Byrne display photographic technical abilities I drool over. Photo-geek talk aside, their still life images feature unicorns, flamingos, and jaguars — need I say more?

As a photographer who’s practically in a relationship with photo film, Toronto based artist Mark Peckmezian and his dedication to a purely analogue practice in a ‘commercial world’ is a true inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Samantha Wornette

  1. This blog post rules, Sam! Great intro, yo.

    I’m feeling all those inspirations you posted too, one of them in particular. I’m sure you know which!

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