S-MOOCH! Announcing the Great Shoe Giveaway Winner

You are a wonderful bunch of moochers. I sent out the call and you rose to the challenge admirably. Picking a winner was harder than I thought. Everyone who responded had something to recommend them and, before I name the new owner of my pretty shoes, I want to start with some Honourable Mentions and favourite quotes:

Well done Martin for being first out of the gate, and for wanting these for someone else. Your describing your friend as having “superb taste” was lovely. (Why don’t we use the word superb more? It’s so deliciously swishy.) Props to Eline for offering this gem: “Also these are my size… and I love you?” The question mark made me laugh out loud. Likewise to TC, for shamelessly appealing to my desire to promote WORN. (Oh, you know me well.) Heidi, your offer to take photos was extremely tempting. I would hope our winner will do just that.

Hailey, you came very close indeed, with your plaintive and eloquent despair over being forced to wear terrible shoes to work. I loved the idea that the wedges would “bring beauty and glamour and pearly, suede-y joy to [your] otherwise dreadful repertoire of summer footwear.” Your photo proof was a brilliant touch. I have added one here as the images themselves were fantastic and worthy of repost.

Sara, your response was equally compelling for several reasons, not the least of which the admission that yours would be a “sob story”. Your matter-of-fact honesty was both dignified and disarming. If only I had twenty pairs of shoes to give!

But ultimately, there can only be one winner. For your wry appeal to both my vanity and sense of humour, the winner is Jessica. (Opening your application by addressing me as “Human Groveling Experiment Director” was a bold move and a stroke of pure genius.) Well done and congratulations!

For all of you who didn’t win, Serah-Marie has generously offered to send you a copy of the WORN SHOE ISSUE for your efforts. (Please email dearworn @ wornjournal.com your mailing addresses.) For my part, your enthusiasm was inspiring. I plan to offer more giveaways in future, as I am forever bringing home unwearable fashion gems that I cannot bear to part with for money, but am more than happy to relinquish for love. (Frankly, my overloaded closet will breathe a sigh of relief.)

Thank you all. You are proof positive that, in fact, WORN readers RULE.

3 thoughts on “S-MOOCH! Announcing the Great Shoe Giveaway Winner

  1. Hehe! This whole post made me smile. In fact, the entire shoe contest made me smile.
    Thanks for posting the picture! The shoes are awfully sad, huh?

  2. My dreary work shoes are sad, I mean – not your wonderful, fancy ones. (With all the talk of shoes I realize I should’ve clarified…)

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