Riding Pretty

If you happened to be in downtown Toronto last Saturday, you might have noticed a group of particularly dapper cyclists parading around the city. No, it wasn’t a posh courier service running the streets — rather, Toronto was participating in its very first charity Tweed Ride.

Though heavy tweed might seem less practical for active wear than sweats or spandex, Toronto’s Tweed Ride was about more than just biking pretty. The event was a fundraiser for the charity Bikes Without Borders. This do-good attitude applies at home, too — “Cycling in Toronto tends to be quite controversial” says Kristen Corbet, who helped organize the event. “It’s important to us to celebrate bikes and promote their positive impact upon a community.”

For more information on tweed itself, check out Issue 11 of WORN.

photography by Samantha Walton

8 thoughts on “Riding Pretty

  1. I’m now so annoyed that I didn’t venture through the wind and rain to attend. That highland sky makes it look all the more authentic. Oh Toronto, so stylish.

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