Remembrance of Things Past

Anybody who’s spent more than ten minutes on Tumblr can tell you that there is no shortage of love for vintage clothing on the internet. However, usually the retro image-a-thon tends to be restricted to wealthier white women of eras gone, erasing from history the styles of women of colour. Threadbared‘s Minh-Ha T. Pham has started Of Another Fashion, an online archive of images intent on putting a face (and an outfit) to the sides of sartorial history often overlooked. As she writes, “In providing a glimpse of women of colour’s material cultural histories – a glimpse that no doubt only begins to redress the curatorial and critical absence of minoritized fashion histories – this archive and the forthcoming exhibition commemorates lives and experiences too often considered not important enough to save or to study.” An exhibit of the same name is also being planned.

To contribute to Of Another Fashion, click here.

Photo by Clem Albers

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