Rebel Rebel

Teenage angst is alive and well in this photo essay

A couple of our high school co-op students (affectionately deemed ‘wornlings’) collaborated on an awesome photo essay inspired by their teenage experiences, and the rebel rebel character was born. Rebel rebel embodies the carefree spirit and cravings of teenage girls who feel restricted by the fear of public judgement (whether they come from girls that talk behind your back, the guys that broke your heart, or those adults that just don’t understand you). As the passionate emotions of young love’s inevitable ‘shitty break-up’ sink in, she blooms into a tough chick, purely from the pain of it all. A little bit Patti Smith, a little bit Debbie Harry, and a touch of No Doubt, she learns to say “Fuck It” to things that don’t matter. She no longer cares about how she’s supposed to act or behave or DRESS. She throws her ‘parental-approved good-girl’ clothes in the toilet. (Literally.)

Styling and Words // Zoe Vos
Photography // Laura Tuttle

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