Last weekend, while I was sprawled on the bed editing photos, my husband Ted was working his way through old VHS tapes, transferring them all to DVD to preserve the hours and hours of TV he copied though his life. He’s got some great stuff, but the best of it is old episodes of The New Music, hosted by the great Jeanne Beker. Every outfit is fantastic, but this one, from the early 1980 episode, is my absolute favorite. How awesome is this?

hearts, Serah-Marie

7 thoughts on “Rawr

  1. I served her at my old job, and she was rocking 4″ killer heels at brunch. After, she marched across Yonge St like she was wearing comfy flats. That’s style.

  2. Also….VCR’s. Miss those. Reminds me of a song I’ve come to love after watching the Spring 2010/11 Kate Sylvester fashion show. Its called VCR by the xx…the chorus goes “Watch things on VCR’s, drink tea and talk about big love…” So dreamy and perfect as the first song to kick off Kate’s floaty collection!


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