Out of the Closet Puppet Series – the Radical Drag Queen

Gunther the Radical Drag Queen from the Out of the Closet Paper Puppet Series.
14$ plus shipping (1$ CAN + US, 2$ INTL)

Made by Sara Guindon of Pin Pals especially for WORN Fashion Journal issue 12.

Long before the stylish gay man became visible as the sassy best friend stereotype in romantic comedies, fashion and queer identities have been historically linked. Author Max Mosher tracked this relationship between gay men and clothing in issue 12 feature “Out of the Closet”.

Gunther the Radical Drag Queen, along with Wilfred the Fairy, Tobias the Leatherman, and Lance the Clone, each represent a different major stage in the history of queer male identity.

Hand cut and assembled by the wornettes, he comes lovingly packed in an acetate sleeve that includes an envelope to keep him in.

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