POP-in’ Fresh [Part 1]

Call it impatience brought on by being part of the internet generation, but we can’t wait for this year’s Fashion POP event in Montreal. The juried show will feature mini-collections from six up and coming new designers, with a chance to win a $1,000 prize, a $500 gift certificate from Le Chateau and their very own feature in WORN Fashion Journal. We’ll be judging the competition as well, along with last year’s winner Angie Johnson (and once again, you can see her winning designs in issue 10 of WORN).

We’ve interviewed half the contestants below (the rest will be featured Monday!), so start picking your favourites and placing those bets.


What is the theme of your collection?
I am dressing the Báthory Countess [the notorious 16th century serial killer] with night butterfly chrysalis; the proper attire for a virgin-hunt right before a bath of blood.

What was your process for creating these six pieces for POP?
This contest for me is an excuse to make outrageous pieces without having to think about the oh-so-dull commercial aspect of fashion for once.

What inspires you?
Imagine the Frankenstein-ish daughter of Yoko Ono and Fellini adapted by Jean-Paul Goude and Nina Hagen dancing to Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’.

What is the most difficult part of designing a collection?
The interviews.

Do you wear your own designs?
ALL THE TIME. It’s important for me to do a “test run” so I know it’s comfortable, durable, and I still feel other-worldly in it.


What is the theme of your collection?
It’s about the perception, distortion, and the interpretation of reality.

What was your process for creating these six pieces for POP?
I started with classic garments like the trench coat as the basis for ‘stable reality’. From there I distorted them in different directions like scale, exaggeration, misplacement and layering.

What inspires you?
Everything and nothing. I always have a camera in my bag and I take pictures of things that catch my eye. Sometimes I use them, sometimes not. Lately, I find old men pretty cool. They wear amazing outfits.

If you designed the costumes for a movie, which genre would it be?
A dark detective movie with pops of bright color.

What was the first garment you ever designed and made?
A Batman costume for my troll doll.


What is the theme of your collection?
This collection was inspired by the way memories are made and how the layers of memory stack on top of each other.

What inspires you?
Graphic design and visual art are important in the creation of my look. It’s an important part of my inspiration especially for the shape and textures of my collections.

If you designed the costumes for a movie, which genre would it be?
I would love to design for an erotic movie from the end of the 1960’s, beginning of 1970’s. The first ‘Emmanuelle’ with Sylvia Kristel or ‘Bilitis’.

What was the first garment you ever designed and made?
I think the first garment I’ve designed was a pyjama, white with red heart patterns. A few years later, I made a pair of rainbow-striped pants.

What do you think makes the Canadian fashion industry different than the American?
I could say ‘We’re so different, blah blah blah,’ but sincerely I don’t think we are. Globalization is very powerful these days.

Interviews by Max Mosher

10 thoughts on “POP-in’ Fresh [Part 1]

  1. I am so excited for this show more so than the fashion week stuff. this is a beautiful platform for, as jose said, to make pieces without the boring commercial aspect. i really love what he has shown here so far and actually would totally buy it!

  2. i live in montreal and am convinced now to go to this! ive never been to a fashion show before, and it might be nice to go to one that is in my element…pop montreal, free, non-elitist and community oriented. i mean, WORN is involved, how can we go wrong? im a bit confused about this prize thing? who wins? how is it decided?

  3. Woah can’t wait to see the other contestants but I am already impressed. How are the designers chosen or nominated for fashion pop?
    Have happy Wornette travels to Montreal!

  4. The contestants were all chosen through sending in applications this year! I’m soooo excited to see what they’ve been working on!! Jenny- there’s a jury that decides on the winner and Worn is on the panel!

  5. I’m enamoured with the way Natasha Thomas has chosen to use something abstract like the concept of reality as a platform for her collection. It doesn’t hurt that the clothing is clearly well constructed and gorgeous.

  6. Loved the interviews; to the point, interesting and fun to read. Great to hear from such wonderfully talented Canadian designers.

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