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  1. I love this quote. I have such a tendency to become precious about clothes and things. I’m so afraid of “ruining” them – because, maybe, there will come a time when I really want that thing and I’ll be sorry I wrecked it for nothing. Of course, it’s equally possible that day will NEVER come and, in fact, I will spend half my life wearing things I don’t really like to save the ones I do – again – for nothing.

    Vive la Fashion Neuroses!

  2. Wear your shoes! That’s what they’re for! It gives them character.
    I like to wonder what kind of adventures people have been on when looking at their shoes. People with perfect untouched pretty shoes must just sit at home. What kind of life is that?

  3. Great quote! Where was this from? I totally agree- I prefer my shoes and clothes to show a little wear, to show that they’ve been loved, worn and appreciated.

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