Playing in the Jean Pool (plus another fantastic giveaway)

In 1980, nothing came between Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins.
Of course, she was only 15 at the time, so a few people thought that might be TMI.

Not too long ago I stopped in at Dennis’ House of Vintage (1239 Queen St. West). I was very pleased to find that they had a really decent selection of awesome late 70s and early 80s designer jeans – brands like Sergio Valente and Jordache. You know, high waisted and practically painted on. Think Kate Jackson, Blair in The Facts of Life or Debbie Harry. Since then, I’ve been searching them out everywhere. My latest find, a pair of Cote d’Azur brand, came from a tiny thrift store outside of London, Ontario. The genius of these jeans is threefold: they never ride down when you sit or bend, they make your legs look about a mile long, and if they’re slightly unflattering, it’s actually charming. Beat that.

But don’t forget! These were made in the days before Lycra. I wore my new favourite skintight Jordache to work yesterday; it was tricky, to say the least. First, thinking I could sit in those things was a HUGE MISTAKE. Second, I’m pretty sure they actually bruised me all around the waist and hips. Heh, heh. You have been warned.

At the same time I found my sexy Cote d’Azur, I also found what may be the greatest jeans since Fancy Ass – and though they didn’t fit me, I felt it was my duty to find them a good home. Inspired by The Gambler, I now have in my possession a pair of gen-u-ine Kenny Rogers’ Lady jeans… and they could be yours.

Our denim model is a size 31 (modern sizing) and these jeans are a shade big.
She is also, at 5’3”, wearing four inch platform heels… These are loooong.

Remember last year’s shoe giveaway? Well, the rules are basically the same. Write us a note in the comments section describing why you are the Lady Kenny himself would want representing his particular brand of class and sass. The winner will be announced on the website in one week, on April 21. See below for exact sizing and fine print…

• Label sizing: 13/14 (but remember, that’s circa 1986 – probably closer to a 10 now)
• Waist: 29-30”
• Hip (at widest point): 38”
• Inseam: 33.5”
• Rise: 12” (holy crap!)

• Contestants from the US and Canada are elligible to win not only these fine denim pants, but they will receive their booty’s booty with shipping costs included (up to a maximum of $10, sent by regular post). If a winner is chosen outside of North America, they will be responsible for mailing/shipping costs. Once those costs are determined, they can be paid directly to WORN through Paypal.
WORN employees are welcome to enter. I would hate for any of you girls to be pantsless.
• Contest winner will be announced on the WORN website. It is up to the contestant to contact WORN with complete mailing details in order to redeem their prize at that time.

6 thoughts on “Playing in the Jean Pool (plus another fantastic giveaway)

  1. How fabulous are these jeans? I think I would totally be just the Lady that Kenny himself would want to see wearing these lovelies, especially since I can croon The Gambler from memory, and with gusto no less! I think that any performance on my part of this fabulous tune would be greatly improved if sporting these fabulous pants.

  2. omg, I think it is some crazy act of fate that these jeans be mine because LITERALLY as I read this post, Kenny Roger’s & the First Edition’s “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” was playing!! And they’re in my size, and I’m pretty tall-ish? omg, to have “Lady” embroidered on my buttocks? Well I never dreamt I would see the day!

  3. These are really a step up from the sweat pants with “Angel” or “Hot Babe” across the seat from my year in fourth grade. I’d like to see this sassy style from the front though… I can’t quite imagine it

  4. I am the Lady Kenny would want representing this lovely mix of class and sass, because I am a determined Lady (Hey, I stay up til odd hours in the morn to hunt down cool clothing!) who knows something’s meant for her as soon as she sees it (hint, hint). Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that I can throw a mean fake right hook, just like him!

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