Our hearts will go on & on & on

I’m very pleased to say that last Saturday, I only had to read one break-up love letter. 

You see, KJ Teddy the K and I (the Vana White to his Pat Sajak) made a lil’ deal that if there were any lulls during our Heartbreak Karaoke fundraiser, I would read infamous break-up love letters (consider it the downside to Sex & The City‘s Love Letters of Great Men). So SPANK YOU VERY MUCH to the brave soul who cut me off during an incredibly over-wrought 1816 missive from Lord Byron to Lady Byron with another Karaoke chip (and you know, I never had to go back to missive ever again).

As you can tell, the night was a huge success (see photo above of myself and Boy Reporter belting out “I Had The Time of My Life”, which had Miss Coco Buck re-enact the infamous Baby air-lift on the Cameron House‘s dance floor).

We saw boys who literally wore their hearts on their sleeve in the form of tight-fitting 1970s knitted vests, or look like they belong on a Blondie Parallel Lines album cover (albeit trading the white shirt for red). Girls wore divine outfits — velvet sangria, venetian red check, prim and proper fire engine lace gloves. We had one $5 Celine Dion interpretation (“Aaaaaalll by my seeeeeelf…”) and two $10 jump the line and SING NOWs. The prizes were plentiful — a few fascinators, a free haircut, the requisite Worn Fashion Journal subscription — and did I mention how divine the outfits were? See evidence at our Flickr photostream.

2 thoughts on “Our hearts will go on & on & on

  1. The intensity in that photo makes my heart ache! I can’t wait to see you both on Americal Idol… American Idle? Hee. What a fantastic party – and what a great crowd.

  2. Congrats everyone! I truly wish I could have been there but I was drowning in the romantic-less evening that was our local pub… but wasn’t really upset about it. Another successful night, you guys are amazing!

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