Oh my Goodness, it’s Issue 12

The new issue is here and in many boxes lining the stairs to my apartment. I’m really excited to get these out into the world! Today and tomorrow a few wornettes and I will be driving around Toronto dropping off copies at stores we distribute to directly. Stores the distributor takes care of (like Chapters and Indigo) will show up in the next couple weeks, and the same for stores outside of Toronto. The whole team of wornettes will be stuffing and licking all the subscription envelopes this Sunday and we’ll be shipping out as many as we can carry every day after that.

If you want to know what stores sell WORN you can find out HERE.
If you don’t have a subscription, you can get one HERE.
If you want to pre-order a copy that will be sent out after May 15th, you can do so HERE.


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