NOW names WORN Toronto Fashion Heroes!

Our last staff meeting was graced with a cheerful photographer and some extra-smiley girls. Most of our issue 9 staff was there: back row – Kate the copyeditor, Sara the editor-in-shorts, Serah-Marie the editor-in-pants, Gwen the managing editor, Hillary the intern, front row – Chelsea the events intern, Carmen the web editor, Alexandra the events intern, Stephanie the intern) Our new issue 10 staff will be starting next week, look for the introductions on the blog!

Thanks Mr. Sardone for making us blush over here at the WORN office. Read the whole article here.


5 thoughts on “NOW names WORN Toronto Fashion Heroes!

  1. Could you all be cuter?

    Wish I could have been there.

    Oh and Carmen, don’t think I didn’t notice the socks! Nice touch.

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