Danger Never Looked so Good

I’ve recently become addicted to the filmography of Alfred Hitchcock. Whenever something by the Master of Suspense is playing, you can’t not keep your eyes on the screen. Not only are they nail-bitingly intense, but you gotta love those classic and clean Edith Head costumes. These images are a few of my favourites from two of his most iconic films. How brilliant was it the way clothing was linked to mistaken identity in Vertigo?

North by Northwest is another great one. The menswear tailoring was very sharp, but my favourite scene to capture was with the shot of Bergdorf Goodman purse, showing a little gun tucked in the side. Nobody did classy badass better than Alfred Hitchcock and Edith Head.

text by Peghah Maleknejad

8 thoughts on “Danger Never Looked so Good

  1. Love that orange dress, and the screenshot of the three girls in white shirts freaking out is wonderful. I don’t even remember that!

    Funny story about the shot of Eva Marie Saint sticking the gun at Cary: a few seconds before she pulls the trigger, the little boy visible at the table plugged his ears because he was expecting the gun shot.

  2. a magazine after my own heart! I love classics and especially James (jimmy) Stewart!! SWOON!!!

    Watch Harvey if you haven’t yet!!! Such an original plot line and sooo very sweet!!!!!!

  3. Great choices Pegah, Kim Novak and Barbara Bell Geddes are stellar. It’s refreshing to see a post about Hitchcockian style and not have Grace Kelly’s name pop up once. Haha.

  4. This post illustrates wonderfully that emulating any vintage look is all about the details: cardi on the shoulders, hem height, gloves, gloves, gloves, brooches, that tiny watch. I will point my clients towards this post when we’re working on a less frou frou take on the 1950s. Delicious – thanks.

  5. Great post! Vertigo is in my top 10 for sure. Clothes and hair/makeup become Scottie’s only tools to “bring back” Madeleine from the dead in the second half of the film. Shopping at a department store has never seemed creepier.

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