Nokomis, We’ll Miss You

When I heard the news that Edmonton’s Nokomis Clothing would be closing at the end of January, I was more than a little sad. The store has long been one of my favourite places in the city to find both clothing and inspiration. Owner Jessica Kennedy states that economics are the reason for Nokomis’ closure, the recession making it no longer feasible to keep the store open and running. Nokomis is known for stocking exclusively Canadian made and designed clothing — including its own house line up until Fall 2009 — and in its eight years of existence, it has become a fixture in the Canadian independent fashion scene. The store has provided an artistic, friendly place for independent Canadian designers (and publications like WORN) to reach the Edmonton market.

Nokomis, you will be missed. Thank you for being so great at doing what you did.

- Hailey Siracky

2 thoughts on “Nokomis, We’ll Miss You

  1. this is very sad but with closings comes new openings. maybe you don’t know but the other owner of Nokomis (Elizabeth Hudson) who was also the head clothing designer for the in house label Nokomis (which ended last summer) has recently moved to Montreal and started a new clothing line called Ursa Minor. I was the head accessories designer for Nokomis and i also moved to montreal last year to start my own eponymous line. changes can be good and i know whatever jessica does next will be great!

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