Movember Madness

Does anyone look good in a moustache? A survey (consisting entirely of myself) says: no. I can’t think of any specific reasons why I don’t like moustaches—I just never have. I especially don’t like them on my boyfriend, Daniel Wornette.

For one whole month, Daniel and thousands of other men grow mouth eyebrows in support of Movember, an initiative that began in Australia to support prostate cancer research. “Mo Bros,” as they are called, raise money and awareness by growing a lip caterpillar. Since 2003, $174-million has been raised worldwide. I actually offered to donate $500 to Movember Canada if he shaved it off but, alas, the soup strainer remained.

In all seriousness, one mildly annoyed girlfriend is nothing compared to all the good work that Movember does. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, there were 25,500 cases of prostate cancer in 2011. As you can see on the official Movember website, examples of Movember-funded research programs include “mapping out the genes that lead to prostate cancer, investigating the effect of combining drug and dietary elements on the progression and prevention of prostate cancer, and understanding the survival mechanisms of prostate cancer,” among others. So now I must say to myself: suck it up! For the last thirty days, moustaches were saving lives.

If you’re in Toronto, the Ground Level Cafe is hosting a Movember Fundraiser December 2nd (that’s tomorrow night) at 8 p.m. People with lip ticklers get in for free, and it’s a $5 donation for those without moustaches.

text by Haley Mlotek
photo by Branislava Pavlovic

10 thoughts on “Movember Madness

  1. i disagree that it is impossible to look dapper with a moustache! personally i am quite a big fan of moustaches. i’m thinking of major babes like j.d. samson, frida kahlo, and mr. john waters pictured above! perhaps it’s because i have a penchant for all things vintage, but hey…

    another part where i do agree is the “great work” movember does… i feel like it’s a wee bit too focused on the superficial moustache sporting front rather than actually stemming conversations and change in regards to men’s health issues. it’s a start, but i feel like there’s more work to be done. i just posted an article about where i feel movember falls short if you’re interested:

  2. Two years ago I attempted to grow a moustache to support this cause and I was so self-conscious of how I looked – I ended up with fragile whiskers. Sigh.

  3. i am a fan of moustashes that are kept well, but rarely do i see one!
    many of my guy friends wore “movember stashes” but refused to get a check up or even take part in fundraising. in turn, “movember” just seemed like a permission slip to be lazy for an entire month = UNSEXY!
    really glad to see their clean faces again… and i will continue to remind them about their prostates.

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