Mothership Connection

Behind the scenes of our issue 16 space-age photoshoot

With T-minus 10 minutes before we began our photoshoot “Mothership Connection,” we had to go over our checklist. Sequin dresses? Check. Gold-leaf eyelashes? Check. A year’s supply of aluminum foil? Double check. Finally, we were ready for launch.

Models Lydia Ogwang and Rina Sieh were our queens of the galaxy, regal in celestial metallics and galactic eyeshadow. Mission control was lead by photographer Allison Staton and our styling team of Casie Brown, Lydia Chan, and Kaya-Marisa Meadows.

If the papers want to know whose shirt we wear, they’ll have to pick up issue 16 to find out.

video and text // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter

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