MONTREAL issue 9 release party: Winter Formal Slowdance!

Even though we love our new home of Toronto, WORN misses Montreal!

We’ve decided to hook up with Slow Dance Night once again and throw an issue 9 release party and bring you the formal you’ve been waiting for since high school. Think of it as your second shot, but without the bad hair, embarrassing chaperones, and excruciating, hormone-flooded insecurity. This is an event that demands you step up, dress up, and step out.

Saturday, November 21st, 9pm-1am Eastern Bloc, 7240 Clark Ave.
10$ formal ticket gets you the new issue of WORN and a dancecard!

Indulge your nostalgia. There’s not a dress too full, nor tux too ruffled – there hasn’t been a corsage made that’s too sneeze-inducing for this event. The Winter Formal Slowdance is a place to work out all your fashion wish-I-hads and remember-whens. When was the last time you really dressed up and went dancing?

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