Mon Dieu! Fashion Pop

Our intern checks out the coolest fashion show to take place in a church basement

Welcome to Église Pop—AKA the basement of the most bangin’ church in Montreal.

Expectations: In the days of yore, before I found myself interning at WORN, I was able to build many misconceptions about fashion and its industry. Hearing that Montreal’s Fashion Pop included a runway show had me believe I was entering some absurd world populated by that type of human seen primarily on America’s Next Top Model. Coming to fashion from an academic background, I was worried I’d feel awkward and out of place.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. Fashion POP is anything but your run of the mill runway romp.

Fashion Pop winner Christine Charlebois revelling in her victory

Reality: I was pretty surprised to find my nervous, fashion show virgin self back in the basement of the French Catholic church where I had downed vodka and Red Bull and danced until 4 a.m. while Peaches spun records in a giant titty-covered leotard only a few nights before. (Those of you dying to ask Is the Pop Catholic? I’ll have you know the event is totally secular. Also: shush.)

There was no snobbery at Fashion Pop—just cheap beer, house wine, and a good old-fashioned survival of the fittest competition.

This, I could handle.

Fashion Pop designer Marie Darsigny.

Montreal chic outside of Église Pop.

I must admit that the thought of helping to determine the winner of a contest had me quivering in my stylish-yet-affordable heels. But after getting a feel for my surroundings and seeing the hard work of the many talented designers, I found myself in the church kitchen with the other judges on the panel, two representatives from the Montreal founded Le Château, along with last year’s Fashion Pop winner Isabelle Campeau. No sweat. More wine, please.

I expressed my concerns about choosing an appropriate designer to be featured in WORN: someone whose designs were smart, diverse, well thought out and excellently constructed. After much deliberating (as Tyra on ANTM would say), Christine Charlebois was happily decided on as the winner. It was a tough competition, of course. But after meeting and congratulating Christine, and then watching her scribble a diagram of the Golden Ratio (a mathematical principle she uses to create her designs) on a wall while explaining her minimalist, eco-minded approach to fashion, I knew we had definitely made the right choice.

Me, the smug fashion show judge.

Design by Duc C. Nguyen

Design by Duc C. Nguyen

Design by Christine Charlebois

Design by Marie Darsigny

Design by Marie Darsigny

Design by Duc C. Nguyen

photography // Allison Staton

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