Model for WORN!

In the past issues of WORN our own Wornettes have proven to be superb models, but now it is your turn. WORN is creating Serial Models, a model database of our readers, and we would love to have you in it. To coincide with a line in our mandate (we strive to portray a  diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race and age) we are asking readers interested in posing to email with your name, age, location, email, height, dress size and shoe size along with two photos of you (face and full body).


12 thoughts on “Model for WORN!

  1. Han – please send pictures from anywhere in the world, as we never know where we will be organizing a shoot!

    Mary – send in pics! It’s gotta go in our database, and other contributors won’t have access to my facebook!

  2. I love cool outfits these are beautiful. Using different patterns & clashing colors immediately makes the theme more interesting. Fashionable accompaniment, attract all people’s attention. Brilliant concept. It works really well!

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